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To free her innocent sister from Traitor’s Prison, sixteen-year-old Eva must free herself first—her true self—by taking back her soul.

...This story grips the reader from the beginning...

The Booklife Prize

In a kingdom where soul-magic is banned by a ruling class that hordes spiritual power, sixteen-year-old Eva, the daughter of freedom fighters, accidentally exposed her family when authorities caught her using this illegal magic. Her parents were put to death for her crime.

Ashamed and desperately seeking redemption for her recklessness, Eva tries to use this mysterious soul-magic, called Sourcework, to save her sister from the prison camp the authorities have them imprisoned. But after her latest failed attempt, her captor, craving more spiritual power, rips out her source—her soul—in a brutal ceremony, using a cursed black knife named the Fallen’s Kiss.

A chilling numbness threatens to overwhelm Eva. No matter how much she struggles to learn Sourcework, her former captor is always near, following her, determined in his quest to purge the world of the divine. To get her source back and save her sister, Eva must track down and destroy the Fallen’s Kiss, whose ruin can only be brought about by someone who understands the true nature of the human essence and the mysterious magic it can awaken. But understanding this essence, her source, demands the courage to question her own true nature, her core identity. If she fails, her sister will be trapped in Traitor’s Prison, and Eva will be lost forever, dissolving into nothingness.

"A fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat adventure with a tenacious and compelling heroine... will captivate and transport readers."

Booklife Prize